Android and Apple Tablets!

In recent years laptops have taken a step back. Tablets are now the must have portable computer. And with good reason. Laptops are large and clumsy compared to the latest tablets. But thats not the only advantage. Tablets have much superior battery power with the latest and best stating some ridiculous time between charges.

Apple Tablets

Apple were the first to enter the market with their Ipad. At first nobody knew what they were and they weren't an immediate hit. But this stage soon passed and Ipads were soon flying off the shelves, selling more than they could produce! Like all Apple products, the Ipad uses Apples own operating system and their own app store. Android apps are not compatible so if everyone in your house has android devices then you might think twice about getting an Ipad.

Apple are notorious for sealing down their operating system. If everything in your house isn't already Apple then you should consider other options because you will run into compatibility issues.


Android Tablets

Android tablets are manufactured by many different manufacturers and is fast becoming the most popular option. Android isn't actually the type of tablet, Android refers to the operating system. Android is a freely available operating system designed and developed by Google. Although it does have its faults, many people see Android as the future of mobile computing. If you want compatibility and free apps then Android is the one for you, it isn't going to disappear any time soon.

Windows 10 Tablets

Windows 10 is the newest operating system to hit the tablet market. A major advantage is that a windows 10 tablet will run all the windows apps we know and love. A major disadvantage is that a good windows 10 tablet will be expensive and they are really still in their infancy so there may be bugs still to iron out.

What to look for in a tablet

When you start shopping for a tablet it can get confusing, fast. There are so many features and options to look for that some people just find it impossible to choose a tablet. Hopefully we are about to help you out. Below are the main features and options to look for and compare.

  • Battery Life
  • Processor Power
  • Screen Size
  • Operating System
  • Manufacturer (This does make a difference!)

Standalone or a Hybrid?

This sounds like we are talking about cars, but tablets also come in the form of hybrids. Some tablets are just a screen where the user presses the screen to type and operate it. These are extremely common and are the typical tablets we have all come to love. But there are also tablets that are kind of a hybrid of tablets and laptops. These hybrids have keyboards and sometimes a mouse, but they usually sticll have a screen you can press. They still operate like a tablet and their keyboards and other accessories are really just addons.

Some hybrids can easily outperform a laptop and can make a good replacement for them. The microsoft surface is a good example of one such hybrid.

Tablet Screen Size

What screen size should you go for? The bigger the better of course!

It can be so confusing. Tablets range from 6 inch to 13 inch. Anything under this size could really be considered a phone without the network function. But do you really need a larger screen? Possibly, but you should consider that it may just be a bit awkward to hold and use, where a laptop would be cheaper and much more useful.

Which Android and Apple Tablets Are Hot

So what are the best selling tablets currently available?

  1. Amazon Fire HD
  2. Amazon Fire Kids edition
  3. Apple IPAD Mini 2
  4. Samsung Galaxy Tab
  5. Lenovo Yoga Tab


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The growth of tablet computers is astonishing, jump on the trend now and see what all the fuss is about.

Tablet Accessories

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