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Android truely are becoming the dominate operating system in the tablet market. Created by Google and distributed with millions of devices across the world, Android has become the number one choice for the public.

But what is the advantage? Why are people choosing Android over Apple? The main reason has been the cost. Android is freely available for developers to use so the competition is fierce so the cost has been driven down. Im not saying that android devices are cheap, because a lot of them are more expensive than an Ipad. But the cost did start out cheap which made it popular.

Android is a much more open environment than Apples IOS. Nothing is locked down and the user has the freedom to pretty much do whatever they like with it. There are market stores containing millions of free apps that do everything you could ever wish and everything is compatible with everything else. Most of the devices even use standard USB connections allowing you to charge your devices almost anywhere.

The flexibility and openness of Android isn't actually working out as well as you might think. Although Android and all its updates are usually available from Google as soon as they are released, there is a slight problem. Each manufacturer has to hand code each version of android for different devices as they are released, so you need to rely on the manufacturer to release the updates quick. And there is literally, nothing anybody can do about this, because unlike Apple, Android devices are all using different hardware, making it impossible to use exactly the same software on each one.

This is a small price to pay however for an operating system that is maturing into something that is perfect for the job it does.

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