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Since there release in 2010, the IPAD has been at the top of many peoples wish lists. They are sleak in design and operation and are the second most popular choice, beaten only by tablets running the mighty Android operating system.

As with most tablets the Ipads functionality is based around its multi-touch screen. In fact the screen is one of the biggest selling points of the device and Apple pride themselves on having the best. There have been six versions of the Ipad so far, each one having a slight improvement over the last.

As well as a full sized version, Apple offer a min version that is slightly cheaper and a lot smaller. One thing a lot of people find annoying about Ipads, as with other apple products is their different connectors. Most tablets use standard USB connection ports, whereas the Ipad uses an Ipad only port.

The Ipad will work the same whichever way you hold it, meaning that there is no intrinsic orientation to hold it in. I don't know how true this is but Apple claims the battery for both generations of iPad can provide up to 10 hours of video, 140 hours of audio playback, or one month on standby....Independent test suggest that this may be true, that is truely amazing!

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